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WE offer in home training and private off site training.All training is charged a flat fee per session, no financial contracts thus clients can cancel at any time. Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes.

I will do a Free evaluation/training session for all new clients at which time we’ll discuss your training objectives and appropriate training package that best fits your pet. My training rate starts at $70 per session depending on where our client is located and may be adjusted accordingly by your trainer ( price may increase or decrease based on clients location.). Also we offer basic training packages starting at only $599 .Call to get your Free evaluation/training session booked now so we can put together a  training plan based on your pets specific needs.

Each training module is guaranteed for the lifetime of your dog.

How can we offer this? WE can offer this because proper and complete training is never forgotten.4cb74001-7c5c-42ec-a614-3183562be726

Call (856) 449-6910 to set up your FREE evaluation!

Training Modules:

Basic obedience:
Sit, stay, attention heeling, down and come when called.

Advanced obedience:
Sit, stay, down, attention heeling, come when called ( off leash)

In home behavior issues:
House breaking, aggression, jumping up, counter surfing, door darting

Leash walking
We’ll teach you and your dog how to walk in harmony at the right pace for both of you. No pain, no strain.

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