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About Guardian K-9 Training.

About Guardian K9 Training and its founder Dana Hoffman.

I have worked with animals for 15 years starting in 2001 working in a local kennel, then moving to departments  local Petsmart stores and later working as a full time veterinary technician and part time dog groomer. A local dog trainer was impressed with how I handled his dogs while at the Vet’s office and offered to teach me his dog training techniques. After completing a student course in k-9 training I started Guardian K9 Training based on three principles—honesty, trust and affordability for all clients.

LogoI provide quality training at a fair rate for I believe everyone has the right to have a well behaved dog and NO training routine should be the same for every dog. Each dog needs to be evaluated and treated as an individual because every dog is different. And, I do this without costing the client an arm and a leg (we need our arms and legs for our dogs and our own well being!).

I think most agree that the ideal classroom situation for children occurs when the teacher connects with each student to enhance and expedite the learning process. This applies to dogs as well. I’ve been fortunate to have had years of experience handling dogs both medically and psychologically which, when combined with my training skills allow me to connect with each dog to enhance and expedite the learning process. This is done by finding the right balance of discipline and praise which makes training fun and effective for you and your dog.

WE train puppies starting at 8 weeks of age and older
WE offer affordable training for all breeds and all ages.

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