How To Make the Trick Stick for Your Dog

Everyone knows that positive reinforcement can go a long way for your dog. But it’s not all praise and treats for your pup! Here are some important do’s and don’ts to make sure the trick sticks!

Praise and reward desired behavior

Immediate praise works best, and you can use treats and affection every time they fulfill your command. This will solidify the relationship between the action and the reward so your dog will look to repeat and receive their treat!

Train in short sessions

Training can happen at any time, but it’s best to keep your sessions short so your pup doesn’t become overloaded. The goal is for your dog to make the connection that good things happen when they listen. Make sure your sessions end on a good note for the best reinforcement outcomes.

Shift away from treats

Training should start with treats and affection initially to get the behavior you want. Over time, try using less treats and more affection instead. By separating from the treat, your dog will start obeying commands for you rather than food.

Another reinforcement tool is pairing a sound with a treat while training. By using a certain tone or clicker, your dog will still respond to the sound without the treat.

Keep it simple

Instead of using full phrases, like, “Fetch the ball,” try teaching a simple, “Fetch” and rewarding them when they fulfill the specific action. Your dog will learn phrases better than full sentences, and training is more successful when it’s kept simple.

Correct bad behaviors

While it’s hard to say no to our pets when they’re doing their best, it’s important to make sure to correct bad behaviors before they become worse. This correction should happen separately from “positive reinforcement” time, and correction works best when a dog has already learned “Watch Me” and other key commands.

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