4 Commands Your Dog Should Know

We all love the feeling of connecting with our dogs. When we’re able to see our dog understand and react to what we’re saying, it’s pretty special!

Because of this, we’ve decided to dive into four essential commands every dog should know! Read on to learn about them.

The “Watch Me” Command

This is arguably the most important command you will ever teach your dog. The “watch me” command acts as a link for teaching every other command, as you’ll be using it to grab your dog’s attention each time.

The “Come” Command

As we all know, our dogs love to get themselves into unsafe situations from time to time. Teaching your dog the “come” command will allow you to keep he or she from ever straying too far from safety.

The “Sit” Command

Arguably the most commonly known command, “sit” is a great way to settle your dog down when he or she gets excited about a treat or a knock at the door. Every dog should know to sit!

The “Drop It” Command

Another certainty in dog ownership is that your dog will pick up things it shouldn’t! Whether it be toys, certain types of food, or otherwise, there’s always items your dog can get a hold of, and if you can teach him or her to obey a “drop it” command, it will make your life much easier!

Dog Training South Jersey

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